How Casinos Attract Groups of People


Casinos are all about getting people to spend as much time as possible inside. They lure you in with free drinks and comps, a dazzling array of games to try your luck, and a buzzing atmosphere where champagne glasses clink and gamblers and tourists mingle. That doesn’t happen by accident, and it certainly isn’t accidental that they can get you to stay so long. The casino business knows how to play on your weaknesses, and it’s not just the free drinks and slot machines. They use sophisticated methods that are a lot more elaborate than just getting you to play.

Casino has to be one of the best movies about Las Vegas ever made. While other epic crime dramas about Vegas only show the good side of the city, Scorsese digs deep and lays bare its dark past as well as its present opulence and neon lights. And he does so without making it boring or preachy.

The movie would not have been nearly as compelling if it weren’t for the great cast. While De Niro carries the film, Sharon Stone steals every scene as ginger hustler Ginger McKenna, and Joe Pesci is perfect as the menacing mobster Santoro.

In addition to gaming, casinos have other offerings such as luxurious hotel amenities and cutting-edge technology, flexible event space, a delicious restaurant, and spa and health club facilities. These unique features should be a major part of your marketing strategy to attract group business such as weddings, conferences, and company retreats.