How Cvent Helps Casinos Capture the Group Business Market With Competitive Ads for Events


A casino is a place where champagne glasses clank, locals and tourists mix and gamblers try their luck on everything from roulette to poker. Even though people at a casino may tut-tut and lose a bit, they have fun. This is because casinos combine 2 things that people are always excited about – entertainment and money. It’s a combination that works like a charm in most industries, but casinos add a little more to it.

Often a casino’s biggest draws are its events and group business offerings. Its luxury hotels, cutting edge technology, restaurants and spa and health club amenities can bring in large groups and events. To capture this market, casinos need to use marketing tactics that focus on bringing in these types of customers. Using Cvent’s Competitive Ads for events will help them get top exposure to planners looking in similar markets or sister cities.

Casino is one of the most successful casino movies of all time and not just for the famous acting duo of De Niro and Sharon Stone. This movie is a thrilling depiction of the highs and lows of the gambling industry. It’s got a great soundtrack, and some really hellacious violence (a popped eyeball and baseball bat beating that had to be edited for an NC-17 rating). It also has a pretty amazing love story between Ace and Ginger, a tough-talking prostitute who can’t seem to stop cheating and stealing. The movie is just as much a sociological study on the inner workings of a casino as it is a thriller.