How to Create a Magical Casino Environment

A casino is a magical place, where the lights and glitter, the sound of clinking slot machines and champagne glasses clinking can make even the most jaded person lose themselves in the excitement. It is also a place where everyone is there to have a good time, and the sense of community that surrounds you while playing can be incredible. The social interaction, the suspense of waiting for a card to be dealt or a wheel to spin creates a special kind of enchantment that can be difficult to replicate anywhere else.

Unlike other types of businesses, casinos depend on people gambling money. Keeping that money in the game as long as possible is essential to the business’s financial success. This means that a casino has to work hard to create an environment where people feel comfortable, and want to keep spending their money to try their luck.

Lighting, audio and visual (AVL) systems play a critical role in creating the right environment. Bright colors such as red have been chosen for their stimulating, cheering effects and to help players lose track of time (there are no clocks on casino walls).

Comps, or complimentary goods and services, are a common feature in many casinos. These can include meals, hotel rooms, limo service, tickets to shows and airline tickets for high rollers. A good casino marketer will understand the value of positive word-of-mouth and seek to cultivate a culture that encourages patrons to share their experiences online.