How to Prototype a Slot Machine Game


Slot is a game that features reels with symbols, paylines and winning combinations. It is popular in casinos and online. It’s easy to play and can be a great way to pass the time.

Types of slots

There are three types of slot games: classic, progressive and multi-line. Classic slots are usually the easiest to play and offer the lowest risk.

Progressive slots, on the other hand, feature high-paying symbols and multiple paylines. They also feature jackpots, which can be won if a player gets three identical symbols.

Variance (payouts per spin)

Low variance slots pay smaller winnings frequently. However, they have higher overall RTP.

Bonus features

Scatter symbols, Wilds and Progressive multipliers are all special symbols in advanced slots that can help you win big. They can also activate free spins and other bonus features.


After the art and wireframes have been completed, your business can begin building a prototype of your slot machine game. This will help your team understand how the game looks statically and how it will progress as players interact with it.

Testing and quality assurance

After your prototype is complete, your slot game developers test each component to ensure that it functions as expected. They also conduct user acceptance testing to ensure that your users can enjoy playing your slot game. The results of this testing process will help you determine whether your slot machine game is ready for release to the market.