How to Play Poker Like a Zombie


If you’ve ever watched a horror movie, you’re probably aware that there are often no happy endings. In many of them, the hero is outnumbered and exhausted, and he or she is chomped to bits by the zombies. It’s no surprise that poker can sometimes feel like that. In many ways, it’s similar to that scenario, but on a much smaller scale. To begin, you place a forced bet known as the ante, and then wait for the cards to be dealt. After each round, the players rotate through the remaining cards, forming a hand.

In a poker game, you begin by putting your ante (a nickel) into the pot. After the ante, each player receives five cards from the deck. The best hand is a pair of kings, although any hand will do. The betting then starts. The goal is to get the highest five-card hand. You can’t win the game by just having a pair of kings. However, if you’re a skilled poker player, you can win by playing the right way.

You can bet big, but you should always remember that poker is cruel. It can be tempting to call a big hand if you have a big draw or all-in situation, but you shouldn’t be rushing to raise when your opponent has a good hand. Otherwise, you’ll end up in a situation where you lose a larger pot. So be patient. You’ll be glad you did in the end.