The Meaning and Different Uses of Slots


A slot is a narrow depression, perforation, or aperture used to receive a piece sliding into it. Slot is a synonym of slat. The term slot also refers to a deer track. When a deer is wounded, the bloodhound follows the slot to find it. Hence, slots and slot machines are closely related terms. This article will discuss the meaning and different uses of slots. Let us look at the history of the word slot and its derivatives.

A slot represents the area where a shot is most likely to score without a deflection. Shooting from the slot also allows for better accuracy because the goal is straight ahead. Small wingers who use this area to shoot will be rewarded with huge hits from defenders, because they can see the entire goal. Therefore, a winger’s best bet in the slot is to stick a wrist shot and shoot from there.

In VLIW systems, the slot is the mechanism through which the instruction is issued. It includes both the data paths and the operation issue machinery. The relationship between the instruction and the pipeline used to execute it is explicit or implicit. Moreover, the execute pipeline is also commonly referred to as a slot. Nevertheless, it is unclear whether the term “slot” applies to other types of computing hardware, such as a virtual machine (VM) system.